Designed by a PhD in Educational Psychology, the foundation for Learn My Test is a principle called, "the testing effect", which shows that regular practice testing increases comprehension and retention of information. Unlike other popular flash card sites, Learn My Test helps you form a deeper conceptual understanding of the material through categorization. Learn My Test has the capacity to break down your test results into categories and focus future test questions on areas that need additional study, optimizing study time.
Step 1
Enter Key Terms, Definitions, a Written Example, and Upload a Picture
Step 2
Categorize Key Terms
Step 3
Enter Differences Between Terms in a Common Category
Step 4
Take a Practice Test
Step 5
Review Your Results

Adds Diversity to Teaching Tools
Generates Multiple Choice Tests and Quizzes in Any Subject
Easy to Navigate Interface
Align Tests with Current Teaching Objectives
Add Images or Graphics
Export Tests to Microsoft Word
Teachers can create  multiple choice tests using key vocabulary without spending time actually writing the questions. Learn My Test interface is simple to navigate and easily add images or graphics. The Learn My Test interface is easy to navigate. Teachers can create a quizzes for science students or a final for art history class by entering the terms and definitions that align with teaching objectives. Quizzes can be exported into a Microsoft Word document.
Brian G. Collin, a PhD in Educational Psychology, came up with the idea for Learn My Test while teaching a study skills course at the University of Alabama. He recognized that many of his students lacked basic study skills.  Learn My Test was developed to provide today's students with an organized and effective approach to studying that maximizes learning and retention of information. Dr. Collin's hope that Learn My Test will help students all over the world prepare for exams with very satisfying results.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Learn My Test is a study tool designed to help students use their study time more effectively resulting in better test performance. The Learn My Test was developed by a Ph.D. in educational psychology based upon principles of cognitive psychology research. At the core of the Learn My Test study method is the “testing effect”, a finding of memory researchers showing that practice testing positively impacts comprehension and information retention.
Students start using Learn My Test by entering key terms and definitions from their study materials. Once these terms are entered, the user categorizes the differences between key terms in common categories. From the informational content entered, Learn my Test generates practice tests; taking practice tests assist students in learning their test material and in assessing their study progress. Learn My Test users have the option of sharing test banks with their classmates.
Yes. 1. Go to privacy settings; in your left navigation. 2) Select option - I would like to be notified about upcoming test. 3. Select the number of days in advance of test date for notification. 4. Please note: in order to activate the test reminder, users must also enter the test date when creating their test bank.
Click on the “register now” button at the top of the page - OR - Sign up using your Google or Facebook account. After entering at least four terms and/or definitions, Learn My Test can generate a multiple choice practice test using the content that you provided.
The test bank is the content entered by the user that is used to generate practice tests. The test bank is the source material from which Learn My Test generates random questions for practice tests and surprise pop quizzes of five questions.
Yes, simply access your privacy settings page and go to the pop quiz settings. Check the box that specifies, turn off.
Sorry, no. A pop quiz is always five questions and cannot be adjusted.
Yes! As long as there is at least four terms and definitions entered, Learn My Test can generate a practice test.
The practice of rating your confidence level and comparing it to actual test performance helps students maintain a realistic assessment of their readiness for an upcoming exam. When there is a big gap between confidence and actual test scores, students can set goals to reconcile the gap. The more practice tests taken, the better students should become at predicting their scores.
It’s easy. Just click on the “do not rate” button after a completed test and Learn My Test will no longer ask for a confidence rating.
1) Go to Privacy Settings. 2) Scroll to Other Settings. 3) Deselect, I do not want to track my confidence level. (Just changed directions in red to italic.)
You can view the results of a practice test immediately after taking it. After reviewing the results of your most recent test, you can review all previous test results for that specific test bank.
Yes! Learn My Test uses the same categories that you created yourself when entering the content for the test bank.
Yes! Identifying areas of weakness is encouraged. Simply select the results by category, deselect the sections that you do not want to include on your next practice test and select “take test.”
Unfortunately, since the user enters the content and the process is automated, sometimes a test question that has no correct answer or multiple correct answers is included. If you get a back question you can fix it by changing the content that you have entered in.
Bad questions are usually the result of more than one correct answer. Multiple correct answers emerge when definitions, differences or examples are not specific enough for differentiation between two definitions or their differences.
Absolutely! In fact, you can make the changes very quickly while reviewing your test results. Select the edit icon beside the question that you want to edit and change the content used to create that question in the test bank.
1) To add a study buddy by email, click on Study Buddies in your left navigation. 2) Select 'Search by email' 3) Type in your friends e-mail address and click 'Send Request' 4) If your friend is a Learn My Test user it will send them a study buddy request. If your friend is not a Learn My Test user, then it will send them an invitation to join Learn My Test.
1. To share a test bank, you must add the Learn My Test user as a study buddy first. 2. Click on study buddies in the left navigation on your Learn My Test dashboard. 3. Enter the users first name, last name, and select the person you are adding as a study buddy. 4. Click send a request. Once your potential study buddy accepts your request, you will see a notification at the top of the page. 5. Find the test bank you would like to share from the dashboard or the test bank; page in the left navigation. 6. Select share by the test bank you would like to share. 7. Select the study buddy you want to share with and press the send request button.
No, only the user who originally created the test bank is allowed to edit it.
No, once you share a test with a study buddy, it is saved as part of their Learn My Test account until they decide to delete it.
1) Click on 'privacy settings' in your left navigation. 2) Select 'I do not want users to search forme using “Facebook” or 'I do not want users to search for me using “Google+”.